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The importance of money and power has been taught to us right from our childhood directly or indirectly. As kids we see our parents working hard for money so that they can provide us with all the worldly pleasures and necessities that we require. When we are grown up we struggle hard to compete for good positions in good companies which would also provide us better salaries to support our lifestyle and requirements. Every job has a salary and perks that are additionally given if you are on a top level position. So let’s find out more about President’s salary and the perks that they receive.
Of course being the First Citizen of the nation isn’t that easy as it seems which is why President’s salary is comparatively high than the rest in the cabinet. Different countries have different laws and constitutional liberties given to the politicians and the people of that country. Hence, President’s salary differs from country to country, though the powers and perks might not differ to such an extent. In the United States of America, annual President’s salary is around US$ 400,000 along with other annual expenses and non-taxable expenses for travel and entertainment.
In developing countries like India, President’s salary is around Rs. 12 laky annually along with other expenses for security, travel and entertainment. President’s salary in Philippines is approximately around Php 60,000 annually and when compared with the salary of President of the United States of America, it is 3,000 percent lower. The President of Singapore earns around S$3140000 annually along with other perks that are non-taxable.
From the salary numbers mentioned above we can clearly make out that the President’s salary is directly proportional to the economy of the country and other external factors like the development of the country, foreign exchange and so on.

The President of the United States earns $400,000 a year.
The vice president’s annual salary is $221,100.

The President of Lithuania earns 26 125 litu


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  • Loeb said:

    The US president salary is $400k per year?! Don’t know why, but I think he should earn more. It doesn’t seem that much for the president of the united states.

  • Harley said:

    Didn’t know that US President Salary was $400,000 per year.

    Loeb, it might not seem that much, but take into account that he doesn’t have too many expenses.

  • Jeniffer said:

    A president salary is not that high. But you should always be aware that they live in the state’s house, they are transported in the state’s car etc. So, as harley already said, a president salary is enough.

  • Jowel said:

    Just want to correct the statement above about the Philippines President’s salary. It was around Php60,000 PER MONTH and not annually. The new Philippines President (Benigno Aquino III) now gets around Php90,000 PER MONTH. There was executive order before the term of the new president for the salary increase whom the new President will benefit from it and before his term ends, he gets to be paid around Php120,000 PER MONTH. FYI.

  • phil said:

    may i just correct that the salary of the president of the philippines is Php60,000 A MONTH and not annual

  • Nexus said:

    It’ enough salary and i think BO can change the USA

  • Chinedu onyeacholam said:

    God help us,how i wish nigerian president and the executives will be at this level things will be ok.

  • Chinedu onyeacholam said:

    Common nigeria governors collects ¥1000,000 per months, imagine will really need help in my country nigeria

  • Opal Hogg said:

    the salary they receive is a lot and as I understand, they have money already in order to be put into office…I don’t think they should continue receiving this amount of money when they are out of office, but should go back to work like we have to or live on social security as we have to..Some were lawyers when they were elected… I understand they have their own retirement plans too(not like us)so they don’t understand or care how we have to live after we are retired…This is why they continue to use our Social Security to pay for anything they want to including the illegal immigrants’ health care…etc…at least that is what I have heard from e-mails I have received…I think that would help our economy if we didn’t have to continue to give them that money after they leave the office of president…If they have to learn how to eke out a living, they could be more understanding of how to meet the U.S.debts that they say we have, and not make them,too.

  • Opal Hogg said:

    I don’t like his running of our country at all…and would like to see us back like we used to be…proud to live in the U.S.A. not him going to other countries apologizing for us…I like what the British leader said about “see how many people who are trying to get into the U.S. and see how many are wanting to get out..” so that should tell you how great America still is…but no thanks to Obama….When the pilgrims came here, they wanted freedom from the the oppressions that had been placed on them, and that seems to be what Obama is trying to do to us…As I understand Socialism, the leaders have everything and the rest of the people have nothing…We have to have a vision for something better, like the Bible says or the people perish…

  • mike said:

    Yes, Philippine President is 60k per month which is ~1500 CAD. No wonder why some look for extras:)

  • james mtambo said:

    No presidents shouldnt get more money bcoz everything is provided to him by state fees of his children, transiport expences etc.unlike an oldinary person like me whom every expence has to be held by my salary