Presidents Day

Today, different countries celebrate different types of public and federal holidays throughout the entire year. Every country has its own culture and tradition and therefore the holidays mostly depend on the religious days that they celebrate and the national history that they have. However, there are certain national holidays that are common in every country throughout the globe, like Independence Day and Memorial Day. Apart from these national holidays there are certain federal holidays that are celebrated globally like Labor Day and Presidents Day.

Though, Presidents Day is mostly celebrated in many countries around the world, it is widely popular in the United States of America. In US, Presidents Day is also know better known as Washington’s Day and is a federal holiday that is normally celebrated on the third Monday of February. Generally it falls on the 15th or 16th of February and is celebrated in many states across the United States of America. Earlier the holiday was actually celebrated on Washington’ birthday which is February 22nd, but the day was later changed to third Monday of February by the Uniform Monday Holiday Act. Interestingly the first Presidents Day celebration was held in 1951 to honor the office of Presidency, and not to honor any particular President.

It was in mid-eighties that through media and advertisements Presidents Day got enough publicity and attention and it became widely popular and many states later accepted it as a federal holiday. Many schools in the United States remain close for the entire week as a mid-winter recess. However, there are many non-government offices that remain open and workers do not get the day off.
Most people think that only United States of America celebrates Presidents Day. That is not true. Apart from United States of America, countries like Botswana and China also celebrate Presidents Day in their countries and have their own special ways to honor their past and current Presidents. Small country in South Africa, The Republic of Botswana has its president day.

The Republic of Botswana celebrates presidents day on July. Its the first Monday and Tuesday of the month. They celebrate it for 2 days.

The United States celebrates presidents day on the third Monday of February.


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  • Loeb said:

    I don’t celebrare presidents day in my country. I don’t even knew it existed. But thanks to your article, I do know now 😛

  • Harley said:

    Wow, I didn’t know there was a Presidents Day. Neither my country celebrates it, but I don’t see its purpose. In this case, every job type should have its own celebration day.