2008 presidential election

2008 Presidential Election

2008 Presidential Election

The United States 2008 presidential election was held on November 4th, 2008. It was probably one of the most important elections in history of United States. Democratic nominee Barack Obama who was a senator of Illinois, won against republican nominee John Mccain, who by the way, was also a senator of Arizona. 2008 presidential election results of electoral votes clearly showed that United States of America wants to have democratic government. With 365 to 173 Obama won the presidential election and became 44th president of The United States. 2008 presidential election was very unusual election. Voter turnout was greatest in more than 40 years. Another historical thing that happened that day was – Barack Obama became first African American president of U.S. Senator Joe Biden was Obamas running mate and became the vice president of The United States. Sarah Palin was a running mate for John Mccain in 2008 president election.

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2008 Presidential election

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