German Presidential Elections- nail biting finish ensured!

Horst Kohler

Horst Kohler German Presidential election

An indirect presidential election is scheduled to take place in Germany on 23rd May,2009. Gesine Schwan would be challenging the current President of Germany- President Horst Kohler, in this German Presidential Election. This German Presidential election is all set to be an interesting one, with Kohler enjoying the support of CDU/CSU and FDP and Schwan backed by the formidable Alliance ’90 and the SDP. Uncertainty over The Leftist support to Schwan and the dubious outcome of the meetings between the SDP and The Left make this German Presidential Election, a one to be witness to, no matter what!
German Presidential Elections have had an impact of the free voters since ages, and this year, free voters have pledged to support Kohler. His re-election is quite possible, but, the growing support for Schwan and the ever-reducing margin that free voters enjoy, would certainly make Kohler strive that extra bit to be victorious in this German Presidential Elections.

Mr. Horst Kohler has won the presidential election with 613 electoral votes