Presidential libraries


These Presidential libraries preserve and provide us more information about historical material and facts which can help us to support our research, educate and inspire to come out with creative programs that can help us in our near future. Presidential libraries formally started in the year 1939 when President Franklin Roosevelt donated Federal Government with all his Presidential and personal documents for public exhibition.

However, Presidential libraries are not libraries in actual sense, they are just like museums and archives that have a collection of documents and artifacts of past Presidents and his administration that is on display for public so that they can study and discuss it without any political affiliations. The U.S. Presidential Library System comprises of thirteen Presidential libraries which is been looked after by the Office of Presidential Libraries. The Office looks after the network of Presidential libraries to ensure that everything is managed and handled with safety and precision since the documents are related to historical records of the U.S. President.

These Presidential libraries are helpful in learning about the American culture and democratic structure of the U.S. constitution. Hence, by archiving and preserving these historical artifacts and presidential papers, Presidential Libraries bring in hundreds and thousands of visitors from all around the world. Presidential libraries also offer various programs that provide different perspective on history and the Presidency. They regularly host symposia and conferences that highlight new information about the Presidents and American history overall. For those who are studying American history and military conflicts, U.S. economics, civil rights and civic engagement, these Presidential libraries can provide tons of valuable data that they can utilize for better understanding.

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    I have never seen any presidential libraries. However, I would like to visit one. Does anybody know where can I find one? Thank you!