President Abdul Qadir Dagarwal

President Abdul Qadir Dagarwal

President Abdul Qadir Dagarwal

• President Abdul Qadir Dagarwal was the second President of Afghanistan and was also the first military leader to have overtaken the country by imposing a coup against the reigning President- President Doud.
• Although, he was a president for just 3 day, President Abdul Qadir Dagarwal had promised the country total freedom from tyranny and suppression and has also announced the same on the National Radio after his troupes, led by Colonel Aslam Watanjar of the 4h Tank Brigade, had taken control over Kabul.
• After overwhelming President Doud’s leadership, President Abdul Qadir Dagarwal announced the commencement of the Saur Revolution, which has had a deep impact on shaping up Afghanistan’s present.
• President Abdul Qadir Dagarwal was a colonel in the Afghan Air Force under President Doud’s regime and had helped him in overthrowing the Shah regime which was held by his cousin at that time.
• President Abdul Qadir Dagarwal was an extreme soldier and his military capabilities had catapulted him to the rank of a colonel in no time. He had taken flying training in the USSR under the military exchange program introduced during President Doud’s regime.

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