President Antonio Agostinho Neto

List of presidents of Angola

President António Agostinho Neto

President António Agostinho Neto

• President António Agostinho Neto was born in Angola and attended his high school in Luanda. He studies medicine from the universities of Coimbra and Lisbon
• In 1951, President António Agostinho Neto was arrested for his active participation in separatist activism.
• After 7 long years of imprisonment, President António Agostinho Neto was released. Then he completed his studies and married Maria Eugenia on the day of his graduation.
• President António Agostinho Neto formed the Popular Movement in colaboration with the Party of United Struggle for Africans in Angola (PLUA) to work for the liberation of Angola.
• In 1962, President António Agostinho Neto visited Washington D.C., and asked for help from the Kennedy administartion in the war against Portugal.
• Being one of the first members of MPLA, President António Agostinho Neto led Angola after the war of Independence on 11th November.
• Under his power, the government built close contacts with the Soviet Union and also other nations such as Eastern bloc and also with other Communist states like Cuba.

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  • fetcher said:

    I notice that President Antonio Agostinho Neto, like other african presidents, had been studying medicine before. That’s not to blame,

    However, please keep posting african presidents info.

  • veronica said:

    President Antonio Agostinho Neto was a very good president. Although a lot of people blamed him for asking for help from kennedy. He did a good job.

  • Jeniffer said:

    I am curious about a thing. I wonder why President Antonio Agostinho Neto became a president only after the war of independence. Am I the only one who finds it strange?