President Jose Eduardo dos Santos

List of presidents of Angola

President Jose Eduardo dos Santos

President Jose Eduardo dos Santos

• The father of President Jose Eduardo dos Santos was a construction worker. President José Eduardo dos Santos joined the MPLA while he was still pursuing his schooling.
• Increasing repression led him to go into self-exile in 1961.
• From the Republic of the Congo, he collaborated with MPLA, and soon took the post of Vice-president.
• So as to move further with his education, President José Eduardo dos Santos moved to the former USSR and there he recieved his engineering degree.
• President Jose Eduardo dos Santos returned to Angola and joined hands with Exercito Popular de Libertacao de Angola (EPLA) which is a branch of MPLA.
• In 1974, President José Eduardo dos Santos was promoted to Sub commander in the second region of the telecoms service.
• President Jose Eduardo dos Santos became the coordinator of the MPLA’s Department of foreign affair. He also looked towards its health department.
• After the death of the first president of Angola, President Jose Eduardo dos Santos came into power on 20th September, 1979.

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  • Larry said:

    Wow, the father of President Jose Eduardo dos Santos was a construction worker. That’s something original. I have never heard of presidents families in a low/medium social class.

  • Harley said:

    President Jose Eduardo dos Santos seems to have been an honest man. Angola needed this kind of people in that period.

    Thanks to this article about President Jose Eduardo dos Santos, I am now curios in the history of angola. 😀

  • Ifeoha Azikiwe said:

    Great site. Keep it up

  • Ifeoha Azikiwe said:

    Should retire after 30 years in office

  • Jeniffer said:

    President Jose Eduardo dos Santos has been a president for that long time? Is he even allowed to do so? Actually, I am sure he is, as he still is the president, but that’s weird. 😀

  • Hamis Mmari said:

    I wonder if Angola does not need new ideas for development, it is enough for Dos santos, see a good example in the history of presidence in USA, a president stays in power in an average of 5 years-new ideas for development is what they need. You can not specilize to be a life president you will at the end leave your country in unpleasant condition. Investigate to see what happened to countries retained a president in power for many years !!

  • Maureen said:

    I think he deserved his position,becos he worked hard after all the years his father working for a constraction just to raise him properly & to be educated.Thanks to his father.

  • jenethe said:

    hi all. where or how can i get hold of the angolan president email address or his secretary please. we would like to send a letter of donations to his office. thanks and long life to the angolan president Jose Eduardo dos Santos

  • Dan said:

    It has always been said “the youth are the leaders of tomorrow”,32 years down the road and still going is so bad enough to give him a single credit.He should retire be4 they Qardaffi him.Africa needs strong institutions not strong leaders.Give a chance to youth.

  • D said:

    he his a corrupted man and old, he needs to retire, new ideas needs to be brought into the country. He is enriching his family, they are corrupt. they are controlling the monopoly of my country. someday he will pay for that. Bustard

  • whaterve said:

    he is not a good thing for angolan people he should get dark

  • Jason said:

    Dan you racist! Who said he was president of Africa?! Go read the article, you sped!

  • joana said:

    (D) I agree with you, I’m from Angola and trust me he has done nothing but to robe us blind from day one. In all the times that we have had elections he has forged the elections to his favor. His children are now robbing us blind we have nothing but poor people in the country and they get rich by the second. For your information this website can’t be seen on a normal Angolan internet. it has to an international internet in order for me to get in touch with the ideas that u guys have. Till today we don’t have running water, we don’t electricity for the whole country. its days in and out without it, people don-t have homes to go to. Every piece of land belongs to them (him and his family or his best friends.) all he has done for us is nothing. Killing Savimbe was a mistake at least he was an honest man unlike him. His 1st born spent 4 000 000.00 dollars for her weeding alone. People here are dying because they don-t have 30cents to buy a piece of bread to eat. if you speak at up the next you are dead, or in jail or something worse. And they don’t just kill you they kill your whole family so that no one can claim you missing. Everything is controlled by him but yet he does nothing to resolve our problems. He is preparing his son to take over for him has preside what the hell is this are we monarch’s now that we just put our sons or daughters in the power? He just recently placed his ex-wife in a very important position to which she no preparation license to govern. So yes (D) I agree with everything you said and more. And Maureen research well before you decide to talk crap that you know nothing about.

  • jose mwangi said:

    angola is the best country and as african we all love jose eduardo dos santos.