President Barack Obama

List of presidents of The United States of America

President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama

• President Barack Obama was the 44th president of The United States
• Born into a middle class American family, President Barack Obama represents the true American dream in all eternity.
• The 44th President of the US was born off a Kenyan father and a mother from Kansas in Hawaii in 1961.
• With an education on study loans and scholarships, President Barack Obama was the average Neo-American student. He moved to Chicago, where he worked with local churches to help the families that were affected by the closure of steel mines in the nearby areas.
• After becoming the first Afro-American President of the Harvard Law Review, President Barack Obama went on to teach law at the University of Chicago.
• President Barack Obama was instrumental in introducing many changes to the ethic reforms while serving the senate in Illinois. He also helped pass a bill wherein drastic tax cuts were introduced for working parents.
• President Barack Obama brought transparency to federal spending by bringing it online and also passed the utterly contested lobbying bill.
• Owing to a commendable campaign, he was elected the 44th President on November the 4th, 2008 and sworn in on January the 20th, 2009.

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  • George said:

    President Barack Obama seems to be a good president. However, I am curious how will he manage with the recession. This is the biggest test he can get.

  • Larry said:

    So far, I have a good opinion about President Barack Obama. I will watch his actions during his entire mandate. That’s to see how a black president can manage politics. 😀

  • Jack said:

    People should stop praising President Barack Obama. I think he’s the same as all the presidents. They all want the same thing: to get rich and powerful!

  • Lauren said:

    President Barack Obama looks so damn funny. And so does George W Bush. I always laugh when I look at them.

  • Jeniffer said:

    Wow, President Barack Obama’s name is also hussein. I find that funny. And I think he’s been a good president so far.

  • michael. A said:

    President Obama is God’s choice to lift America to greater heights.

  • Jason said:

    Lauren and Jennifer – stop making fun of our great President Obama. How would you like it if you were judged by how you look? We all see, smell, and hear, the same – so we should be treated the same. And Obama finished off AL QAEDA!

  • Chalsea said:

    Tell me what Obama has done and I might change my mind about him. He is the first president that has not served in the military. How can you be the commander in chief of something you know nothing about. One day hot dog guy the next president, what qualities does he really have? What has he done so far? Voted in for change yet the one that was going to do more change was McCain.