President Benjamin Harrison

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President Benjamin Harrison

President Benjamin Harrison

• President Benjamin Harrison was the 23th president of The United States
• President Benjamin Harrison was one of the first ones to deliver short speeches to visiting delegations. Later, these sort of speeches came to be known as front porch speeches.
• A student of law, President Benjamin Harrison was born in 1833 at a farm in Ohio, near Cincinnati.
• He was also known as Little Ben, because of his short stature. He was only 5 feet 6 inches tall.
• He is said to have moves to Indianapolis, where apart from practicing law as profession, he also advocated and popularized the Republican party.
• In 1853, he married Carolina Scott and was also assigned a Colonel of a volunteer army in Indianapolis. He was also known as one of the most learned and brilliant lawyers of the city.
• President Benjamin Harrison was known for a giving shape to a rigorous and elaborate foreign policy, which is said to be the pillar of present relations that the US holds with its international allies.
• After leaving the office, President Benjamin Harrison retired in Indianapolis itself and married a widow Mary Dimmick after the death of his first wife.

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  • Marlin said:

    He was an interesting man. However, not as good as others. Anyway, President Benjamin Harrison married a beautiful woman, that’s what I know :))

  • Jerry said:

    indeed, president benjamin harrison was the man of short speeches. however, i don’t see any problem as long as the speech is told pertinently. so “front porch speeches” are not so bad