President Calvin Coolidge

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President Calvin Coolidge

President Calvin Coolidge

• President Calvin Coolidge was the 30th president of The United States
• Known as a man of distinguished character and enormous dignity, President Calvin Coolidge is supposed to have restored the lost dignity and character of the White House.
• Born in the family of a village shop owner on July the 4th in Vermont, he was a distinguished scholar and had got into law at a very early age.
• He entered politics in Northampton, Massachusetts. After becoming the councilor of Northampton, he went on to become the governor of Massachusetts and finally he joined the republicans. During his political journey, he had transformed into a hardcore conservationist.
• As a president, his determination and self motivation to bring back the lost dignity, morality and honor to the prime office in the US was pronounced. Despising the use of his Federal powers to check the boom and depression situations in various industries, President Calvin Coolidge kept himself away from materialistic goals.
• He stated, during his maiden speech, that he felt that the nation was in a state of never before felt contentment and that he was determined to preserve it, but not at the cost of dignity of his office.

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  • Lester said:

    President Calvin Coolidge stated the last point^^ ? Damn, that’s fail. Presidents shouldn’t say things like that.

  • maroon said:

    President Calvin Coolidge restored the lost dignity of the white house? What the… How did he do that? As I knew, he was not that good as a president