President Franklin D Roosevelt

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President Franklin D Roosevelt

President Franklin Roosevelt

• President Franklin D Roosevelt was the 32th president of The United States
• Known as the person to have reinstated the faith that the American people had lost in themselves, President Franklin Roosevelt had assumed office at the peak (bottom) of The Great Depression in 1933.
• His promise of focussed action and prompt decisions showed him the way to the White House.
• Having been an alumnus of Harvard University and Columbia law school, President Franklin Roosevelt had entered politics through public services only, mush like his cousin Theodore Roosevelt. He had entered as a democrat, which was in striking contradiction to his cousin’s political inclinations.
• After being appointed an assistant Secretary of the Navy, he had moved ranks rapidly and was later nominated as the Vice-Presidential democrat candidate in 1920.
• He was a fighter to the core- after having been struck by a partial paralysis attack in 1921, he fought back hard and recovered both his legs back. Later, in 1928, he was elected as the Governor of New York.
• It was during his tenure, that a nation of 13,000,000 unemployed people had started achieving stability.

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  • Lester said:

    I always hear people talking about President Franklin D Roosevelt. Thanks for sharing this info. Now I know more about him.