President Franklin Pierce

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President Franklin Pierce

President Franklin Pierce

• President Franklin Pierce was the 14th president of The United States
• President Franklin Pierce had assumed the office in the year 1852, just after the Compromise of 1850 had been penned down.
• A native of Hillsborough, New Hampshire, president Franklin pierce was an astute follower of law and graduated in Law from the Bowdoin College.
• It was in the 1830s that president Franklin pierce had his tryst with Washington, both as a representative and later as a senator.
• It was in 1852 that he stood for Presidential election, on suggestions by some of his close associates.
• The democrats stood for the cause of the Compromise of 1850, so did president Franklin pierce. It is because of these reasons only that president Franklin pierce was able to win a closely fought battle against his contender- Gen. Winfield Scott.
• president Franklin pierce’s entry into the office was a tragic one indeed, with his 11 year old son dying in a train wreckage just two months before he was supposed to assume the office.
• He was known for his agenda of peace and prosperity, which transformed the US into an economic superpower in the subsequent years.

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  • Jack said:

    It’s great that President Franklin Pierce has had good results. That after his 11 years old son died. It should have been very difficult for him to go on.