President George Washington

List of presidents of The United States of America

President George Washington

President George Washington

• George Washington was the 1st president of The United States
• President George Washington was born in the family of a Virginia Planter in 1732
• Sworn in as the first President of the US in 1789
• President George Washington had interests in military art and Western expansion
• President George Washington was married to a widow- Martha Dandridge
• He had imbibed all the morals, principles and knowledge which was expected to be a part of every Virginia gentleman, back in the 18th century
• In the year 1754, due to his excellent military skills, he was commissioned into the army as a lieutenant and fought the Indian and the French wars
• Right from 1759 to the onset of the American Civil war, President Washington was given the duty to manage the lands around his hometown of Mount Vernon.
• He also served at the Virginia House of Burgesses during the strife torn period of the American Civil War
• In the initial part of his life, President Washington led a peaceful life, but, like most planters, he also felt highly exploited by the British regime and voiced his opposition assertively, making him a future leader

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  • Hamis Mmari said:

    He is rational enough to regain peace in the world, something we the majority require. Just like Clinton Obama can peaceful control the world as he is accepted in the minds of the mixed racial groups.Let’s pray for him to enable him accomlish the mission.