President Gerald R Ford

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President Gerald R Ford

President Gerald R Ford

• President Gerald R Ford was the 38th president of The United States
• While swearing in, President Gerald Ford had announced that he had been given the responsibility of the office during highly unprecedented and never-before-experienced times.
• He was the first president to have succeeded the first American President to have ever resigned in the history. Adding to this, the aftermath of the Watergate Scandal, he had tough times and an angry public to manage.
• Managing the inflation, tackling the issue of world peace and saving an ever grappling economy were some of the tasks that President Gerald R Ford was confronted white as soon as he had assumed office in 1977.
• Having born in Nebraska in 1913, President Gerald R Ford had been raised in Michigan for the most part of his life.
• He was the captain of the University Of Michigan Sports team. From there on, he went to the Yale, where he not only completed his law degree, but also coached the football team.
• President Gerald R Ford had done good work in suppressing the controversy of Watergate, which had earned him a nomination for the elections of ’76, but lost to the ever popular James Carter.

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  • George said:

    Haha, didn’t know that I was born in the same place as President Gerald R Ford. That’s something to talk up about.

    I think he managed to do allright during his mandate.

  • maroon said:

    President Gerald R Ford was ok as a president. But he wasn’t better than James Carter. This guy was great.