President Grover Cleveland

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President Grover Cleveland

President Grover Cleveland

• President Grover Cleveland was the 22th and 24th president of The United States
• Being the only President to have assumed office for two terms after being away from the White house for a full term of four years, President Grover Cleveland was the first Democrat to have been elected after the Civil War.
• New Jersey born and New York bred, President Grover Cleveland practiced as a lawyer in Buffalo. He was known for the focussed and determined efforts that he put into everything that he did.
• His Governor-hood of Buffalo and later New York had earned him the status of being the reformer. He was later elected to the White House in 1885.
• When elected, he was still a bachelor, and owing to his loneliness, he decided to marry Frances Folsom, 21.
• President Grover Cleveland was the only President to have married while still in the office.
• He advocated strongly against any financial support to any one group or community of people due to any reasons whatsoever. The extension of the $10000 economic aid to the drought struck farmers of Texas was barred and vetoed by him in this regard.

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  • Marlin said:

    President Grover Cleveland should have stopped at being a lawyer. He wasn’t so good as president.

  • Davola said:

    He was one of the few bachelors in politics at that time. President Grover Cleveland liked it and fell good, though. That’s the most important thing.