President Harry Truman

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President Harry Truman

President Harry Truman

• President Harry Truman was the 33th president of The United States
• Born in 1884 in Missouri, President Harry Truman had lived a life of a prosperous farmer for the initial years of his life. Later, during WWI, he went to France and served the artillery. Later, he married Elizabeth Wallace.
• He was an active democrat and was also elected a judge in the Jackson County Court.
• Known as a war oriented President, President Harry Truman was the one to have suspended the urgent request to Japan, asking them to surrender. Instead, he ordered the atomic bombardment of the cities in Japan where war-work was going on- Hiroshima and Nagasaki were two of them. Japan surrendered soon after the bombings.
• President Harry Truman was also the US representative when the UN Charter was being signed in 1945.
• President Harry Truman had also introduced his very own 21 point program aiming at an increased internal security, better employment and better economic policies.
• President Harry Truman was known for his outrageously bold, yet effective foreign policies, which have been attributed as being the forerunners of American graduation to the superpower status in the later half of the 20th century.

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  • Lester said:

    So President Harry Truman is one of the biggest killers in the world. This guy f*cked up the world. Too bad there are politicians like him.

  • fetcher said:

    A good part of this world hates President Harry Truman. That’s because he ordered the nuclear attack. BAD decision!

  • veronica said:

    President Harry Truman’s worse decision is that he ordered the atomic bombardment of Japan. The war could have ended better. Wars should be restricted! :)

  • Jackson said:

    For those interested in President Harry Truman information. There is a movie based on his presidency named “truman”. It’s a biographical movie.

  • AntiM said:

    he was a mason