President Herbert Hoover

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President Herbert Hoover

President Herbert Hoover

• President Herbert Hoover was the 31th president of The United States
• An engineer, administrator, philanthropic and a stout serviceman, President Herbert Clarke Hoover had ushered in a new era of service to the White house and the whole meaning of being an American president had been flipped upside down during his tenure.
• Born in Iowa, President Herbert Hoover had graduated from the Stanford University in its maiden year. He passed out as a mining engineer.
• After marrying his college time girl friend- Lou Henry, a Chinese, he went to China and worked there as a top mining engineer for few years.
• On his 40th birthday, President Herbert Hoover was in London. It was around this time only that Germany had attacked France. He was asked to ensure the safety of stranded tourists.
• His committee had helped more than 12000 Americans return home.
• He was chosen the head of the Food Squad after America had entered the war.
• It was his successful service in the commerce commission under President Calvin Coolidge that earned him the presidential nomination in 1928.
• It was right after a few months of his election that the country went into the Great Depression.

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  • Jerry said:

    Was President Herbert Hoover responsible for the great depression? I am really curious about that. Maybe you can write an article about it.

  • fetcher said:

    Jerry, if President Herbert Hoover was elected in that period of time, it doesn’t mean he was responsible for the great depression. That’s out of its place.