President James Buchanan

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President James Buchanan

President James Buchanan

• President James Buchanan was the 15th president of The United States
• Known as the only unmarried American President, James Buchanan was known for his striking appearance and his benevolent, yet, formal presence at the office.
• Assuming office at a time when the US stood widely divided over the issues of slavery, President James Buchanan had to struggle hard to keep the nation on track.
• Keeping track of the North and South part of the country was becoming more and more cumbersome for him with each passing day, especially due to the wide disparity of interests that these regions had.
• Born in 1791 into a well-off family belonging to Pennsylvania, President James Buchanan was a learned scholar of Law and was a gifted orator.
• After being nominated to the house for five times, President James Buchanan was appointed as a minister to Russia, after which he was assigned the job to be president Franklin pierce’s minister to the Great Britain.
• The main focus of President Buchanan’s effort was to appoint the house in such a way that represented the North and South regions of the country equally and to get people to interpret the laws as laid down in the constitution and as prescribed by the Supreme Court.

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  • Jackson said:

    President James Buchanan was one great wifeless man for chicks :)). Not only he looked well, but he was also good in his job. As proof, he was nominated for five times.