President James Carter

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President James Carter

President James Carter

• President James Carter was the 39th president of The United States
• President James Carter, better known as President Jimmy Carter, wanted to bring competency in the office. He had great compassion towards the poor and he aspired to meet their expectations even in the era of rising inflation and energy costs and dipping productivity.
• Born in a family of peanut farmers in Georgia in the year 1924, President James Carter was a devout baptist and most of his idle time went into long hours discussing and assessing the political situation of his country.
• He had graduated from the Naval academy and immediately after completing his graduation, he married Rosallyn Smith.
• Nominated on the first ballot during the Democratic meeting in ’74, Carter’s two-year long campaign had gained momentum with time.
• As promised by him during his campaigns, President James Carter had definitely worked hard to curtail the ongoing inflation crisis and had also generated about 8 million jobs during his tenure of four years from 1977 to 1981.
• He had also worked in the field of energy conservation and was instrumental in forming the National energy policy and also pushed for decontrolling petrol prices to boost domestic production.

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  • George said:

    The best thing President James Carter did was to generate more than 5 million jobs. People loved him because of that. I think every president should generate a minimal number of jobs.

  • Lauren said:

    I know from my great grandfather about President James Carter. And he told me the same thing like George. “President James Carter was a great man, as he created a lot of jobs for americans”

  • corsten said:

    President James Carter was a better president than the one who followed him. Which I think is president reagan.

    But the big amount of jobs created was not his only good action.