President James Madison

List of presidents of The United States of America

President James Madison

President James Madison

• Presidents James Madison was the 4th president of The United States of America
• Born in the year 1751 and raised in Virginia. He was a student of history, political science and law. He became a part of the framing assembly of the Virginia Constitution, when he was 25 years of age. He worked for the Continental Congress, took part in debates at the Constitutional Convention and approved the Constitution along with Alexander Hamilton and John Jay.
• At first, President James Madison appeared quite old, somnolent, wrinkled and worn out. But his wife was no less in tenderness. She filled his bareness with her cheerfulness, at the appointment ceremony.
• People started recognizing him as the “Father of constitution”.
• President James Madison tried to bring many changes in the international Trade. But France and Britain had their issues. Due to high pressure build-up, President James Madison asked congress to acknowledge a war in the year 1812.
• The war came to an end with the help of Gen. Andrew Jackson and America met with a splendid triumph.
• He believed in the unity of all the states in America. President James Madison died in 1836 with the same message.

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  • Mary Anne said:

    I like the fact that he had success with the war in 1812. President James Madison was good in his role. And he studied in Priceton, like I did! 😀