President James Monroe

List of presidents of The United States of America

President James Monroe

President James Monroe

• President James Monroe was the 5th president of The United States of America
• Born in1758, in Westmoreland Country, Virginia.
• Highly distinguished, sincere, simple, well built and calm. His manners spoke more than words.
• Education in the College of William and Mary, also expert in law in Fredericksburg. President James Monroe got merit in Continental Army. He also coupled with anti-Federalists in Virginia.
• President James Monroe was a minister to France for two years.
• He also won the re-election in 1820.
• President James Monroe was a people’s man. He conducted a Goodwill tour. The Missouri territory witnessed a dirty slump of economic misery and sectional split. He passed an amended bill to eradicate slavery in this territory.
• President James Monroe also announced a plan in response to the warning so that Europe might not support Spain to win back its American Latin colonies. America stayed away from any nuisance with Spain until it had relinquished the Florida.
• President James Monroe had immense faith in his cabinet of Ministers. He respected his secretary’s advice and refused to proclaim “hands off”. He died in the year 1831.

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  • Mary Anne said:

    President James Monroe’s character was great. Every president should have his qualities. If every one of them were sincere, calm and intelligent, the world would have been a better place.