President James Polk

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President James Polk

President James Polk

• President James Polk was the 11th president of The United States
• Born in 1795, in Mecklenburg Country, Northern Carolina.
• President James Polk was an extremely scholarly and hard working as a child. He did his honors from the University of North Carolina. He graduated and became a lawyer.
• He entered politics at a young age and became a part of the Tennessee Legislature and served as the speaker for 4 consecutive years. President Andrew Jackson was quite fond of him.
• He also served as the Chief Lieutenant under President Andrew Jackson.
• Polk represented the democrats. He was in favor of growth and development. President James Polk was the only president of his kind. He was the last active President before the civil war.
• Congress was hostile to President James Polk, in addition conferred on the possibly of war against Mexico.
• The Oregon area dispute reached its pinnacle. President James Polk still stripped of the possibility of war against Great Britain. He established the entire issue by pulling out the Canadian border line and signed a treaty in 1846.
• President James Polk was in bad health, thus died in 1849.

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  • Gabriel said:

    President James Polk seems to have been a good democrat. Anyway, I thought he was president later on, not in 1795. Seems that I was wrong.

  • Davola said:

    I know that President James Polk was called a “dark horse”. What is the reason? Can anyone tell me that? I can’t find anything relevant.