President John Quincy Adams

List of presidents of The United States of America

President John Quincy Adams

President John Quincy Adams

• President John Quincy Adams was the 6th president of The United States of America
• President John Quincy Adams, son of former President John Adams, was born in 1767, in Braintree, Massachusetts.
• He also worked as a secretary to his own father and adopted his ideas.
• He graduated from Harvard College as lawyer.
• He has also worked a minister to the Netherlands and Russia. Later he became a member of the United States Senate.
• He also served President Monroe as Secretary of State. When he became the President, Clay got appointed as the Secretary of State. This led to mass hostility towards President John Quincy Adams.
• He worked hard towards an amazing national agenda. He promoted the nation’s growth in all fields like education, arts, sciences, sports etc. He was a true fighter. He wanted to bring the sections jointly by means of a system of canals and highways.
• He was also elected as a member to the House of Representatives in 1830, by the Plymouth district.
• President John Quincy Adams died in the year 1848 and was buried in the First Parish Church.

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  • maroon said:

    When did President John Quincy Adams get elected? I can’t see the date. When did he become a president?