President John Tyler

List of presidents of The United States of America

President John Tyler

President John Tyler

• President John Tyler was the 10th president of The United States
• Born in 1790, in Virginia, the man is a symbol of conviction and certainty.
• Learnt law lessons from the College of William and Mary.
• He was a part of the House of Representatives for 5 consecutive years and resisted the Missouri Compromise. Later he became the Governor of Virginia. He then joined Congress States Rights southerners and the new-fangled Whig Party to stand against President Andrew Jackson.
• President John Tyler got nominated for the Vice President of America in the year 1840.
• President John Tyler was the first Vice President, to become the President of America. President William Henry Harrison died during his office tenure and therefore President John Tyler procured his office.
• Later, President John Tyler developed hostile relations with the Whigs.
• He was in support of northern manufacturers and hence signed a tariff bill favoring their interests.
• He also substituted the Whigs cabinet of ministers with Southern conservatives. secede
• Even the southern states became independent in 1861 which piloted to a negotiation. He died in 1862.

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  • Gabriel said:

    I have just learned about President John Tyler at school. I find it a good president. But there are others better. 😀

  • Mary Anne said:

    President John Tyler tried to protect northern manufacturers. For that, he signed a tariff bill in 1842. It was annexed in 1845.