President Lyndon Johnson

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President Lyndon Johnson

President Lyndon Johnson

• President Lyndon Johnson was the 36th president of The United States
• With the vision of providing the American commoners with a “Great society”, President Lyndon Johnson assumed power in 1963.
• He was also the man behind one of the most exhaustive legislative campaigns of all time.
• President Lyndon Johnson was also one of the front runners to have opposed the communist encroachment of Vietnam.
• Born in Central Texas in August 1908. His family was instrumental in developing and settling a city- Johnson.
• Having grown up amidst acute poverty, he had compassion for the poor, especially the farmers. He had also helped in imparting knowledge and teaching students who were from a Mexican descent.
• After having served the navy as a lieutenant commander during WWII, he won a silver star in the Pacific.
• He was the youngest leader of the minority in senate history, when he was elected to the house in 1953.
• It was in the campaign of 1960, when President Lyndon Johnson, running as President John F Kennedy’s running mate, was sworn in as the vice president. Right after his assassination, President Lyndon Johnson was sworn in as the President of America.

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  • Marlin said:

    President Lyndon Johnson wanted to create a better society. But did he manage to do that? Or those were just words, as usually?

  • veronica said:

    I have never heard of President Lyndon Johnson. Which is why I don’t think his mandate was that bright.

    Thanks for sharing the info! :)