President Millard Fillmore

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President Millard Fillmore

President Millard Fillmore

• President Millard Fillmore was the 13th president of The United States
• Born in 1800, in Finger Lakes country, New York. He was an extremely hard working fellow. He even assisted his father on his farm.
• He attended irregular school like one room schools. Later, he became a lawyer.
• He even held the State office and served the House of Representatives. He also joined the Whigs to enter politics.
• He became the Vice president in 1848.
• After his predecessor President Zachary Taylor died in 1850, he became the President of America.
• President Millard Fillmore had to face many difficulties on holding the office. The cabinet resigned. But he was the man of iron.
• President Millard Fillmore introduced revolutionary amendments in the government. Daniel Webster became the Secretary of state.
• He also supported the Compromise movement.
• He signed the Fugitive Slave Act. The Whigs did not like this act of President Fillmore and opposed him from getting nominated for re elections.
• President Millard Fillmore, on the breakdown of the Whigs, declined to bond with the Republican Party.
• He died in 1874.

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  • Gabriel said:

    I am always amused by President Millard Fillmore. Amused by its name, actually: fillmore. :))