President Richard Nixon

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President Richard Nixon

President Richard Nixon

• President Richard M Nixon was the 37th president of The United States
• Restoration of normalcy and peace at home and internationally were on the top of President Richard Nixon’s agenda of change. He had ushered in a new era to a nation divided like never before.
• President Richard Nixon was instrumental in ending the American war in Vietnam and had also worked to improve America’s relations with China and the USSR.
• His election as the President was an aberration on more than one counts- first he had reemerged after being defeated in 1960 as a presidential nominee and then in 1962 as the Governor of California.
• President Richard Nixon had been a brilliant student all through his academic life- first at the Whittier College and then at Duke University Law School.
• He was a major worker in President Dwight Eisenhower’s Cabinet. Looking at the tremendous work done by him, he was nominated in 1960, but lost to President John F Kennedy by a small margin.
• He is accredited to have reformed many laws. His revenue policies, ending of the draft and his out of the box environmental programs have been the highlights of his tenure as the President.
• His tenure is also marred by the infamous Watergate Scandal.

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  • Marlin said:

    We could use a President Richard Nixon right now. He would be able to think outside the box and get rid of the recession. 😛
    I’m going to find out more about the watergate scandal.

  • Lauren said:

    President Richard Nixon was born in 1913. And he died in 1994. You should mention these things too.

  • corsten said:

    President Richard Nixon was not only a good politician. he was also very intelligent. that’s how every president should be, although that’s not happening.

  • veronica said:

    President Richard Nixon deserves more information on this page. Don’t you think? 😛

    In my opinion, he was one of the best us presidents