President Ronald Reagan

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President Ronald Reagan

President Ronald Reagan

• President Ronald Reagan was the 40th president of The United States
• The Reagan Revolution that lasted for almost a decade, can be safely termed as one of the most productive and intellectually stimulating periods of American history.
• His programs aimed at reducing the interdependence between the people and the government. These programs has reinstated the confidence that the American people had lost in themselves.
• Born in Illinois in February 1911, President Ronald Reagan graduated from the Eureka college. Apart from being a confident student of Economics and Sociology, he was an all round performer. President Ronald Reagan was in the College football team and was also a part of the college dramatics society.
• President Ronald Reagan started out as a Radio announcer and a screen test in ’37 had also earned him a Hollywood contract.
• From ’37 onwards, for the next 20 years, President Ronald Reagan was featured in more than 50 films.
• In 1966, he was selected the Governor of California.
• In 1980, he was nominated as the republican presidential candidate.
• It was because of people’s discontentment over rising inflation and Iran woes, that President Ronald Reagan forced his way into the office. The people just wanted to throw the ruling democrats out of the office and hence, Reagan, out of a well crafted Republican agenda, assumed office in 1981.

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  • George said:

    Is the President Ronald Reagan the one who was accused for cheating? I knew that there was someone attacked by the media. He has its own voters or smth?

  • Harley said:

    George, where have you heard that? I have never heard about anything like that about President Ronald Reagan.

    Yeah, President Ronald Reagan has been a movie star after 1937. Way to go, mister president! :)