President Rutherford Hayes

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President Rutherford Hayes

President Rutherford Hayes

• President Rutherford Hayes was the 19th president of The United States
• Known as the man to have brought dignity, respect, loyalty and honor to the White House, president Rutherford Hayes was the winner of one of the most fiercely fought Presidential elections in American History.
• After having attained the office in 1877 after disputes, he brought about many reforms to the way business was carried out in the White House.
• Lucy Hayes, his wife, was the first lady to have banned the usage of liquor and alcoholic beverages in the White House, making her a favorite with some of the most powerful Catholic women’s unions of that time.
• After having risen to the rank of a Brevet Major General because of his brave efforts in the civil war, president Rutherford Hayes was nominated by the Republicans at Cincinnati, while he was still in the service.
• Loyalty towards the party and the way he stuck to the Republican principles of liberalism and fidelity made him an obvious Republican choice.
• He was born in Ohio in 1822 and was a master of Law from the Harvard Law college.

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  • George said:

    Didn’t know that President Rutherford Hayes was the winner of one of the most important USA Presidential elections. I will read more about it. Thanks!

  • Davola said:

    President Rutherford Hayes brought honesty and dignity in the office, indeed. People around him said he was great. He liked to be decorated by merit and not by the political status.