President Theodore Roosevelt

List of presidents of The United States of America

President William McKinley

President William McKinley

• President Rutherford Hayes was the 26th president of The United States
• Right after President William McKinley’s assassination, President Theodore Roosevelt was given the charge of the office.
• At an age just below 43 years, he became the youngest president ever to have assumed the office at the White House in American history.
• President Theodore Roosevelt is said to have brought a new energy to the White House and his aggressive and progressive foreign policies earned him popular support at that time.
• enhancing his view of being the steward of the people, he did all he could to serve his nation the best he could.
• President Theodore Roosevelt had striking dissimilarities to most of the Presidents that had assumed office prior to him- he was young and was born into a well-to-do family based in New York.
• His wife and his mother had died on the same day in 1884. After this incident, Presidnet Theodore Roosevelt spent most of his time in his ranch at Dakota, hunting and leading a rather peaceful life in solace, before marrying Edith Carrow in 1886.
• His fight against ill health made him live a disciplined life and he became one of the best presidents that the US has ever seen.

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  • Jerry said:

    oh, president theodore roosevelt was my favourite. he did everything he could for the USA. we should have a similar president now.

  • Vic said:

    President Theodore Roosevelt is an example for all the presidents in the world. All of them should serve their countries the best they can. This one is a great example.

  • corsten said:

    President Theodore Roosevelt is one of the most popular presidents ever. roosevelt was great.

    however, lots of people blamed him for remarrying.

  • Jackson said:

    In my opinion, president Theodore Roosevelt is one of the most intelligent presidents. Not only because of his good presidency, but also thanks to his great quotes.