President Thomas Jefferson

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 President Thomas Jefferson

President Thomas Jefferson

• President Thomas Jefferson was the 3rd president of United States of America
• Born in 1743 in Albemarle County, Virginia, President Thomas Jefferson was born into a family of planters
• He had inherited about 5000 acres of land from his father and because of his mothers’ social standing, President Thomas Jefferson had started socializing at an early age
• President Thomas Jefferson was a front runner in advocating liberty. Later in his life, he went to the college of William and Marry and pursued law.
• In 1772, President Jefferson moved into his home at Monticello with his wife, Martha Wayles Skelton
• Like President Washington, President Jefferson was also a member of the House of the Burgesses, Virginia. More of a shy speaker, President Jefferson let his pen do all the talking for the cause of the Independence
• He was also the man behind preparing the draft of the Declaration of Independence. Apart from this, he also wrote a bill regarding the freedom of practicing any religion, which was brought into action in 1786.
• He was an advocate of the French revolution, which had led him into a conflict with Alexander Hamilton.

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  • Mary Anne said:

    President Thomas Jefferson was a serious advocate of liberty. I have learned about him in my politics class. Since then, I have been reading quite a few articles about him.