President Ulysses S Grant

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President Ulysses S Grant

President Ulysses S Grant

• President Ulysses S Grant was the 18th president of The United States
• After having opened all his guns against President Andrews, President Ulysses Grant had aligned himself with the radical Republicans.
• Deemed as the man behind the Union victory in the Civil War, President Ulysses Grant was the obvious Republican nomination.
• Having completed his graduation from West Point against his wishes, he took job at his father’s family leather tanning business.
• During the civil war, President Ulysses S Grant was assigned the duty to maneuver and lead an army of volunteers from Illinois. His army was highly successful and ended up winning many battles, thus, President Ulysses Grant saw his military ranks sky rocket.
• After having fought the Mexican war under Gen. Zarachy Taylor, he was well equipped to handle a country in turmoil.
• After coming to power in 1869, President Ulysses S Grant tried to introduce many reforms in the office and also introduces some of his best army members as the staff.
• His military methods and disciplined way of leading the office offended many, and President Ulysses S Grant was not able to deliver what was expected of him- to end the long era of turmoil and civil strife.

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  • George said:

    Thanks for sharing information about President Ulysses S Grant. I didn’t know much about him. Just the fact that he introduced some reforms.

  • Brad said:

    I have always found that President Ulysses S Grant ‘s name is scary. Is this true? Was he a scary person? 😀