President William Henry Harrison

List of presidents of The United States of America

President William Harrison

President William Harrison

• President William Henry Harrison was the 9th president of The United States of America
• Born in 1773, in Berkeley.
• He studied history and medicine at Hampden Sydney College and Richmond respectively. He also served the First Infantry in Army, in the year 1791.
• He resigned from the army in 1798. Then he was chosen as the Secretary of the Northwest region, where he used up the greatest time of his life.
• He helped to make two terrains of the Northwest into the Northwest and Indiana.
• Soon after, he got chosen as the governor of the Indiana district in 1801.
• But during the war of 1812, which was a significant phase of his life, he won many military laurels to his merit. He became the brigadier general.
• In 1840, President William Henry Harrison, was put forward by the Whigs as their candidate.
• President William Henry Harrison was already a national hero by that time. He won by a bulk of votes. He seemed non jingoistic in his approach. But he promised to be compliant towards his duty and people.
• President William Henry Harrison could not survive for long. He passed away in 1841, right in the first month of his office undertaking.

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  • Gabriel said:

    I think President William Henry Harrison would be great for some countries at the moment. And no, I’m not being sarcastic, haha.