President William J Clinton

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President William J Clinton

President William J Clinton

• President William J Clinton was the 42th president of The United States
• Popularly known as President Bill Clinton, President William Jefferson Clinton gave America the most prosperous period ever.
• During his tenure, the unemployment and inflation were at their lowest in the past 30 years, crime rates had reduced at most places and he had registered the lowest welfare roles in decades- in true sense, President Bill Clinton can safely assumed to be one of the most progressive American Presidents of all time.
• President Bill Clinton enjoyed immense popularity and after Franklin Roosevelt, he was the only democrat to have won a second consecutive term.
• Some of the most important points of his agenda were to limit handgun sales, upgrade the educational standards and to enforce more stringent environmental rules.
• Born in Arkansas in 1946, President Bill Clinton was an excellent all round student. He was a professional saxophone player and at one point in time, he was considering it as a serious career option.
• It was after he got his law degree from the Yale, that he decided to get into politics.
• Al Gore, his running mate and President Bill Clinton represented the new blood politicians of America.

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  • George said:

    President William J Clinton is one of the best presidents America could get. I am his fan, lol

    And the one who followed him, george w bush, eww..

  • Larry said:

    President William J Clinton was the best president, in my opinion. I would have wanted him as a president instead of george bush. He was disastrous.

  • Lauren said:

    Wow, I admited to Yale this year. But I had no clue President William J Clinton graduated here. Good thing I read this blog. :)

  • maroon said:

    President William J Clinton did such a good job as president. He was honest, kept his promises and respected the citizens. The country was doing better during his presidency.