President William McKinley

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President William McKinley

President William McKinley

• President William McKinley was the 25th president of The United States
• Known as the advance agent of prosperity, President William McKinley had assumed office when the depression of 1893 was at its peak.
• He was backed by the wealthy Republican businessman Marcus Hanna and was a striking opposite to his democrat opponent William Brian.
• Hanna was the main financier of President William McKinley’s campaign and while he was buy raising funds for the Eastern Republican wing, McKinley was busy networking with delegates in the front porch of his Ohio based mansion.
• The combination of an elaborate orator and a wealthy businessman struck well and President William McKinley had won by the maximum margin since 1872.
• His personality, great oration and popularity amongst his students and peers helped him in skyrocketing to a Congress seat when he was just 34 years old.
• Due to his exquisite knowledge of economy and finance, he was also elected to the then powerful Ways and Means committee.
• He was also known as the man behind the highest tariff rates in American history, which were imposed by him owing to the extensive economic damage made by the depression of 1893.

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  • Marlin said:

    I admire at President William McKinley the fact that he knew a lot about finance. That’s why he was doing so good at his activities. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jerry said:

    Marlin, president william mckinley was good at finance. but that’s it. he was not an important president.

  • Vic said:

    I saw a documentary about President William McKinley last night. So I can say that your post seems very informative and contains the important facts. Great job!

  • Brad said:

    President William McKinley was chosen thanks to the fact that he was a wealthy businessman? Oh, man. This sounds soooo wrong!!

  • corsten said:

    President William McKinley was a powerful “enemy” of william brian. he strongly faced him. but that’s all i know about him =)

  • Jackson said:

    President William McKinley managed to do his work in that period. Keeping account of the fact that was the time of great depression, that is something.

    President William McKinley was ok!