President Woodrow Wilson

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President Woodrow Wilson

President Woodrow Wilson

• President Woodrow Wilson was the 28th president of The United States
• Walking on the path carved by President Franklin Roosevelt, President Woodrow Wilson also considered himself to be a servant of the people.
• President Woodrow Wilson was the man behind America’s entrance into the World War and in 1917 he announced that America would enter into the war so that the world is a safer place for democracy.
• He was the man behind the plan of progressive reforms and was also seen as th international advocate of a new world order.
• Having been associated with the Princeton and the Johns Hopkins University, President Woodrow Wilson was an academically sound gentleman. He also started career as an academician.
• In 1885, President Woodrow Wilson tied the knot with Ellen Louis Axson.
• President Woodrow Wilson was a conservative and progressed steadily at the Princeton as a professor of Political Science and went on to become the President of Princeton very early in his career.
• His popularity among the common-folk led the conservatives into considering him for the nomination. After winning over the position of being the Governor of New Jersey in 1910, he went on to become the President in 1913.

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  • Jerry said:

    Whoah, you got to the 28th: president woodrow wilson. that’s good. i’ll check this worlds president website as often I can. It seems very interesting.

  • Vic said:

    President Woodrow Wilson was great as academician too. I didn’t know lots of things about his presidency, but this post helped.
    btw, great idea with this worlds presidents blog!!

  • Brad said:

    I’m not such a fan of President Woodrow Wilson, but I admire his capabilities. He may not have been a great president, but that’s what I like at him.