President Zachary Taylor

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President Zachary Taylor

President Zachary Taylor

• President Zachary Taylor was the 12th president of The United States
• Born in Virginia, in 1784, belonged to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, raised up amidst cotton plantation.
• He became an army officer, and served the army for 40 years which converted him to a tough nationalist. While he was in army, he marked many victories for the nation.
• President James K Polt was highly bothered by his practice of authority and therefore wanted him in northern Mexico. He had a dominating military career. He owned many slaves.
• President Zachary Taylor was an unsophisticated man. The Whigs then selected him in opposition to the democrats. The democrats were not in favor of slavery. Whig’s expected great support from the southerners.
• He became the twelfth president of America in the year 1849.
• President Zachary Taylor did not want to work on the Whig’s terms and conditions. This led to a big difference of opinion, over slavery. To make issues light, President Zachary had to make way for colonists in New Mexico and California regions. In turn, he infuriated the southerners.
• President Zachary Taylor fell ill and died in 1850.

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  • Gabriel said:

    The army converts a lot of people to tough nationalists. And President Zachary Taylor is one of them, as you said.
    Thanks for sharing this article :)