Worlds Presidents Presidential libraries

These Presidential libraries preserve and provide us more information about historical material and facts which can help us to support our research, educate and inspire to come out with creative programs that can help us in our near future. Presidential libraries formally started in the year 1939 when President Franklin Roosevelt donated Federal Government with all his Presidential and personal documents for public exhibition.
However, Presidential libraries are not libraries in actual sense, they are just like museums and archives …

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President Babrak Karmal

• Afghanistan’s third President, President Babrak Karmal was the best known Marxist leader in his country.
• During his pre- elections rallies President Babrak Karmal promised a lot of things to the Afghan people: no executions, new constitution, freedom for political parties and above all a non-socialist government. He fell short on most of his promises.
• Some of the promises President Babrak Karmal did fulfill were: release of political prisoners, declaration of the Fundamental Principles of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan and restoration of …

President Hafizullah Amin

• President Hafizullah Amin was a prominent member of the PDPA party. He became President after his predecessor Nur Muhammad Taraki died of “undisclosed illness.”
• The PDPA grew wary of President Hafizullah Amin, as he executed and released a list of as many as 18,000 people in connection to Taraki’s murder, this was solely done to quiet the masses.
• This move didn’t make President Hafizullah Amin very popular and made him notorious for is brutality.
• This gave rise to a number of ‘freedom …

President Nur Muhammad Taraki

• President Nur Muhammad Taraki came into power when his PDPA party overthrew the monarchy and his predecessor was murdered along with his family.
• After moving into office President Nur Muhammad Taraki implement radical Marxist policies. This challenged land ownership matters, sharia laws and forced marriage issues. This move was not welcomed by traditional Afghans living in rural areas.
• President Nur Muhammad Taraki then started eliminating Parcham leaders from his party. He did this by either sending them to different countries as ambassadors …

President Abdul Qadir Dagarwal

• President Abdul Qadir Dagarwal was the second President of Afghanistan and was also the first military leader to have overtaken the country by imposing a coup against the reigning President- President Doud.
• Although, he was a president for just 3 day, President Abdul Qadir Dagarwal had promised the country total freedom from tyranny and suppression and has also announced the same on the National Radio after his troupes, led by Colonel Aslam Watanjar of the 4h Tank Brigade, had …